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Classes start Wednesday MAY 1st 2013

PUPPY SOCIALIZATION AND BASIC MANNERS: Start your puppy off on the right paw. This class is for puppies up to age 6 months. This class is a building block for a good relationship with your puppy. In this class your puppy will learn confidence in all kinds of situations and bonding exercises with you the trainer. We will also touch on puppy behaviors and basic house manners along with some obedience cues. This class is for 5 weeks meeting weekly for 35-45 minutes each time.

BEGINNER OBEDIENCE: For puppies and dogs 6 months and older. In this class you will learn to get your dog to focus on you, basic obedience commands and bonding exercises the will give you the four legged friend that will do anything for you. This class is for 5 weeks meeting weekly for 45 minutes each time.

CANINE GOOD CITIZENSHIP/THERAPY DOG CLASS:  DOGS SHOULD HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF BASIC COMMANDS.  We will then work on each of the ten areas needed to pass the CGC test.  We will do a couple field trips to local nursing homes outside of class times.  AKC TESTING FOR CERTIFICATIONS CAN BE OFFERED AFTER THE LAST EVENING OF CLASS.   This class will only be offered if I have enough interest and will have limit of 5 participants.  This class is for 6 weeks meeting weekly for 1 hour each time.

WEEKLY ASK THE TRAINER AND TRAINING DAYS: This is for the busy people who don’t have the availability to commit to a 6 week class.   Drop in class Fee $5.00 each week that you drop in.  Class days and times will be posted on my website.  No registration needed for this class.  Just bring your pets proof of vaccination and sign the sign in sheet.  Just come when you can.  This weekly set up to help you with specific behaviors and to give some people time to proof specific behaviors with distractions.  Will also have obstacles set up for confidence building skills.  Class time will be 1 hour and you don’t have to come for the full hour either.  You can stop in for the 1st half or 2ndhalf.  Class will be cancelled if no one arrives in the 1st 15 minutes. 


$10 an hour on site/$20 and hour off site

Items needed for class: Leash: 4 to 6 foot leather, cotton, or nylon leash. No chain or retractable leashes.  Collars:  buckle or Flat and other options and recommendations can be discussed in class per the personality of your dog.  Treats:  Small soft treats that are well liked and easy to eat.  Ex. small hot dogs chunks of cheese etc.  No bigger than pea size and approx.  50-100. Always enter and exit the premises with your dog on a short leash remaining under their handler’s control at all times.

Required Vaccinations:  Owner’s are required to provide a copy of proof of vaccinations for DHLPP, Bordatella, and Rabies.  Puppies are just required to have what is need at there age.

For the safety of your pet and others please leave you dog to home if he has been sick recently. (Coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) Including dog’s that have been recently spayed or neutered.  Or female dogs in heat.   If your dog must stay home we ask you still attend class to learn and watch others to be able to practice the current week’s lesson at home with your dog.

Children and dogs love to interact.  We encourage children to come to class.  Attending class gives them to opportunity to learn how to interact appropriately with their dog.  Children must stay under control of the parent at all times.

Class Fees:  All classes are $75.00 unless noted.

Member of  Association of  Pet Dog Trainers

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I understand and agree that cancellations must be made one week prior to the start of class to receive a full refund. I also understand only a 50% refund is available, after that point. Full refund will be made if the class has to be canceled by Chase's Corner kennel.

Dog Exercise Area:  

Potty your dog in the designated area.  Clean up supplies will be available.  Suggestion:  Arrive 10 minutes prior to class so you dog has time to potty and is ready to learn.

SHOES:  Please wear flat rubber soled shoes.  No open toed shoes or sandals please.