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Toe nail trim and/or Sanding.  Coming soon bathing will be available.  I will be able to bath your dog during it's stay.  Looking into a part time groomer.  let me know if you would like that.

If you ask for a toe nail trim and or sanding I can do it while your pet stays with me.  Or I can do them by appointment if your pet is not scheduled to be boarded.

Bathing I would prefer to do the night before pick up or the morning of pick up.  If you request bathing you need to be specific with your pick up date and time.


Toe nail trim and/or sanding

While boarding or with bath $5.00 each

By appointment $7.00 each


  • small $10.00    under 20#
  • medium $15.00    21-50#
  • large $20.00    51-75#
  • x large $25.00    76-100#
  • XX Large $30.00   100# plus

    Blow dry is extra $5.00

Dematting extra charged by time spent on animal (usually $10-$20)

De-Shedding available $10 for 15 minutes.  De-shedding removes undercoat and excess hair.

please let me know if you would like me to have the bathing

available as self serve