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Front Kennel Area With Dog

Front kennel area with dog


Our Boarding Facility has in floor heating  giving  a comfortable climate controlled environment for all.  We have 30  indoor runs, (not cages), with 30 adjoining outdoor runs for exercise and relief. The indoor runs are 4 feet wide by 4 feet long, and, the outdoor runs are 4 feet wide by 12 feet long, and are covered, to protect your pet from the elements. 

Kennel agrees to exercise due and responsible care, and to keep the kennel premises sanitary and properly enclosed.

The dog(s) are to be fed properly and regularly, and to be housed in clean, safe quarters.


Conformation Classes are every wednesday at 6pm $5.00 drop in fee

Kennel tours are given by appointment only, as I do work outside the home part-time also.

I prefer that you pet comes with there own food, as the kennel can be upsetting enough to them without changing thier diet too. I also can feed your pet.  We feed our dogs Diamond premium adult. Please let me know of medical needs, specific behavior and/or personality issues your pet  may have so we can give the best care possible.  Example extra TLC. Feel free to bring items from home to help make your pets saty more comfortable. bedding, blanket, towel, old t-shirt with your scent, safe stoys, nylabones, ect.  Make sure the bedding is machine washable.  Toys should be safe even when not under supervision.  Make sure all items are expendable. The kennel is not repsonsible for chewed up, lost or left items.

Your pets food and water bowls can stay at home.  We as the kennel provide stainless stell water pails and stainless steel food bowls.  We feed twice a day Breakfast 8am and Dinner at 5pm.  Unless other dietary requirements are noted. It is always best to carry your pet or use a leash when entering or exiting the building.


Proof of Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper vaccines must be current and remain current while your pet stays at Chase's Corner Kennel.   You may bring me a copy from your Vet or I can make a copy for you.

Dogs together in a concentrated area may result in the spreading of illness such as kennel cough.  No vaccine is 100% effective.


Boarding your dog for the first time is by appointment only.  I like to show you and your pet the kennel and our drop off and pick up procedures.

Suggestions for your pet while boarding for the first time or everytime.  To make them feel more at home bring an old t-shirt of yours for them to sleep with.  Make sure it's old in case they decide to chew it up.


We do not do doggy day care.  Each dog is given individual playtime in our outdoor play area.  As of right now that is weather permitting.  Comming soon weather will not be an issue with the indoor romp room. 


Charges go as follows, you will be charged for the 1st day no matter what time the dog is dropped off.  Picked up by noon on pick up day you will not be charged for that day, picked up after noon you will be charged for that day.

1 Dog $15.00/day There is not an extra charge for your pet's individualized playtime.
2 Dogs same run $25.00/day There is not an extra charge for weekends or Holidays.
2 Dogs separate runs $15.00/day each There is not an extra charge for administration of Medicine.
3 or more Dogs same run or separate runs $15.00 1st dog, and $10.00 each additional dog per day. There is not an extra charge for senior dogs.
Rate is same for all size dogs. There is not an extra charge for challenging dogs(some call hard to handle).

Two Kennel Runs

Two kennel runs.

Left is with door open and no fleece flap. that is how the runs look in the spring, summer and fall. Right is a kennel run for winter.  Dog friendly doggy door(the fleece flap).  Having the fleece flap up alllows the heat to stay in the building while your pet has access to his or her run at all times.


Toe nail trim and/or Sanding.  Coming soon bathing will be available.  I will be able to bath your dog during it's stay.  Looking into a part time groomer.  let me know if you would like that.

If you ask for a toe nail trim and or sanding I can do it while your pet stays with me.  Or I can do them by appointment if your pet is not scheduled to be boarded. Bathing I would prefer to do the night before pick up or the morning of pick up.  If you request bathing you need to be specific with your pick up date and time.

Outside Kennel Runs

Outside kennel runs.


Toe nail trim and/or sanding

While boarding or with bath $5.00 each

By appointment $7.00 each

x large

Blow dry is extra $5.00

please let me know if you would like me to have the bathing

available as self serve


If your pet becomes ill or if the state of the animals health otherwise requires proffesional attention, the kennel in it's sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian of it's choosing, or administer medicine, or give other requisite attention to the animal, and all expenses thereof shall be paid by the owner.  I do try to use you veterinaian if it is not after hours.


All dogs are check after they are brought in for signs of Fleas or Ticks. If any are found the dog will be treated with a capstar treatment and a flea bath given at the expense of the owner.  Estimated cost is $15-$25.00.