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Maybe I have done something you might like to try.


I love to take pictures.  Especially of dogs at play.  Just enjoying themselves.

I am by no means a proffesional, this is just a hobby of mine.  When I can find time between chores.

I your dog stays at my kennel I may have time to take some pictures of them.  If I do you will recieve them in the mail.  At no cost to you.

They are all digital so I have the original saved on my hard drive.  If you would like another one or an enlargement.  At this time a small fee would be added on.

I also like to take family pictures and senior pictures.  I enjoy more the family pictures with the pets.

Portrait pictures of your pet can surely be tried but not always succesful.  Pets alwyas look better in there natural state.  Not being forced to do something they don't like.